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Facebook Applications:

  • Family Tree by FamilyBuilder

    • Family Tree app site
    • Family Tree facebook
    • For merging social networking and family tree info
    • Add to your facebook and create your tree
    • Shares favorite relative names and heritages
    • Only basic info can be entered
    • Free Application
    • GEDCOM imports, tree sharing and a family finder are coming soon
    • Family Tree application is a social networking genealogy application on Facebook. It is built by a company called FamilyBuilder. It allows for adding family into a tree, locating new family members via the social networking site.
    • It asks for access to all your personal facebook information on facebook. It allows for your family members to contribute to tree information after you’ve added them as members of your family tree. It is a collaborative genealogy application for facebook.
Facebook Pages:


  • Qwiki alpha
    • Selected term is transformed into a visual presentation accompanied by real-time audio narration & media
    • Interactive presentation type of search engine
  • Mathematics Genealogy Project
    • Compiled information about all the mathematicians of the world
    • relationships only consist of professors and supervisor types.
    • Not Free
    • is one of the largest genealogy sites. It is not free to connect to this site. It has a large amount of affiliate sites that claim to be free however will lead the user back to ancestries search tools. This site has basically cornered the market in genealogical data and has been able to connect with most accessible libraries of data and has become the world largest database search tool and repository of genealogical information. The site tools will populate the family tree for the user and the user has the option of picking the sources and downloading the sources if they are subscribed. Most genealogical public libraries have access readily available to the user for free.
    • NBC who do you think you are is part of Ancestry

    • IPAD Ancestry application
  • A Peer-to-peer Network Protocol for genealogical data paper
  • IPHONE Applications.....
    • potential access to state libraries
    • Search newspapers for data
    • Membership needed
  • usgenweb
    • emailed to volunteer time and get involved with project.
    • Volunteers for State Websites include very important information as well, including such resources for postings of unknown county queries, family reunion bulletin boards, state histories, and maps showing the changing county boundaries, among others. Many states also have ongoing projects as diverse as the transcription of Civil War regiments or the reuniting of families with lost photos, bibles, etc.
  • Gramps


Ellis Island (The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation)

    • free
    • Ship manifests database
    • The door to United States of America Ellis national park database contains immigration records such as Ship’s passenger manifests

Data Mining Tools & APIs:

    • Python
    • Modular machine library
    • reinforced learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks
    • no genealogy site working with it.
    • BSD Software Licence
  • Weka Data Mining tool
    • "Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for solving real-world data mining problems. It is written in Java and runs on almost any platform. The algorithms can either be applied directly to a dataset or called from your own Java code."
    • Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks
    • Open source
    • Java code
    • GNU General Public License
    • Subversion Revision
    • API available
    • ARFF in detail
    • Weka is an open source java application that utilizes data mining and machine learning algorithms to connect to any type of database. It’s manual and developer documentation is within its download and it works on just about every platform. It is licensed with GNU general public license. Older versions are available via and SVN repositories. It is fully featured with multiple types of Classifiers, Filters, Datasinks, Datasources, Clusterers, Evaluation, Visualization and various data processing examples. It has a full-featured GUI and instructions on utilizing it through the command-line. It utilizes its own type of viewer called ARFF(Attribute-relation File Format) viewer for file formatting and seems to have majority of commonly used data mining algorithms. It has over a 300 page manual for using, editing, contributing and troubleshooting.
    • weka wiki